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Who are the right celebrities for your event?

That's a great question...

Most of the time we automatically assume it's the most famous celebrity, of the one that is having a film anniversary in that given year - and don't get me wrong, those things are necessary and will help. But the celebrity that will make sure your guests leave having had the best experience of their lives are the ones who know how to interact and participate as though they were fans themselves.

When attendees leave one of our celebrity events, we want them thinking that this event is one that the WILL NOT MISS AGAIN....EVER! And more often than not, the stories they tell on Facebook, or other social media will tell you why they think that. And, from experience, we know what makes these attendees "tick".

Again, JoHaw Productions can help you navigate the many decisions you will need to make - whether this is your first event, or 30th event.

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5 Keys to hosting a successful Celebrity Event…

There are many things that go into creating an event that will not only endure, but will be successful. Most of these things are not what you think. Consider the following:

- Plan small , and hope for big - many new promoters think that by throwing a bunch of famous celebrity faces on a website they can hold a successful event. Not true. The key is to create a first-year event that is the right size for the market you are serving and the budget you are working with. This may mean on a couple of celebrities, and a focus on events and fun.

- Promotion - Know how you are going to promote before you start. Social media is a great tool, but not the only tool...and in fact works much better in combination with other media.

- Volunteers - You will not have enough. Plan on it.

- Facility - make sure you choose a site that will not only be good for the attendees, but also accommodate the vendors and the celebrities....everyone needs to be happy.

- Think ahead - know what you're going to do in every situation, because many of them will come up. Also, be thinking of the future and work your current event with the next one in mind.

Creating a successful celebrity event is not as easy as it may seem. For more information and more help, contact JoHaw Productions - info@johawproductions.com